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Visual Artist and Creative Director

AVA Creative Agency

AVA (Adonis Visual Art) is a team of creatives who are passionate about bringing out the beauty and confidence of every woman we photograph. Led by visual artist and creative director Adonis, we have crafted a beautiful, luxurious experience designed to connect to who you are as a woman and capture it in photographs and videos for you to treasure for a lifetime. 


Contemporary Branding

The Contemporary Branding Session has been redesigned from the ground up to help you create a truly unique experience based on a lifestyle and elevated level of intimacy hard to find in an increasingly impersonal world. magazine quality photography will give your personal brand another layer of trust and appeal.We know that it takes the brain less than 30 seconds to process visual cues, so ensuring your blog or website is charged with bold, beautiful images will help you capture and keep people’s attention and establish a unique image.

We help you find (or improve upon) the right idea, design, destination and location as without all, a boutique experience will not succeed.

Adonis Visual Art - Rosalie DREUX - Contemporary Branding@Paris_10.jpg

Editorial Portraiture

We completely reimagined how a portrait should make you feel. AVA’s Editorial Portraiture combines Adonis’s creative vision and an experienced team to deliver the highest experience throughout your session, no matter where we decide to shoot, the result is completely magical. This elegantly designed, portrait session is gorgeous from every angle.

Adonis+Visual+Art+-+Ludmila Kolesnikov+-+Couture+Portraiture@Montreal_11.jpg


We believe a portrait or headshot can and should do much more than just show a 'picture of your head' but instead has the power to show your character: who you are, and what you are like to work with and know you. With that in mind we’ve designed Folio, a new experience for models, actors and dancers.

Web Export - 20171025-20171025 - Abigael KRAKLIOT Test Shoot@PORTLAND0358_.jpg